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​Elevator Mania Dev Diary! 8th July 2016

Literally a greybox prototype, Elevator Mania started off as an idea to bring people from the first floor to the upper floors. It was a bare bones design which allowed the designers to concentrate on the gameplay elements. 

The controls were originally tap to move the elevator up OR down, and tap again to make the elevator stop. If the elevator stops on the wrong floor, or the player waited too long to deliver passengers, it was essentially game over.

Take a look at the early gameplay video made.

Elevator Mania

Pixelon Games team is currently porting over Elevator Mania to Apple products! Stay tuned for the iOS App Store release!

- to be continued -



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Current Designs


From Elevator Rush (development name) to Elevator Mania, the

team at Pixelon Games have put our heart and soul into making this game. Iterations after iterations after iterations have taught us valuable lessons and brough us endless amounts of fun.

The short clip to the right shows you the transformation from v0.1 (initial development phase) to v1.16 (current in Play Store). We discarded features that we held on to dearly and added in new ones which made the game a better and more engaging one.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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Old Designs


Dive into the minds of the guys responsible for this game! Look through our iterations in Game Design, User Interfaces, Character and Environment Designs. Be part of the process in our future updates and games! Below are the iterations we have gone through. You can see us build the game from ground up and then shake it down to its foundation to find what makes players happy and engaged.